Schiek Model 510 Unisex Gel Cross Training and Fitness Gloves


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The Schiek ® 510 cross training and fitness gloves are the perfect gloves for weight lifting, fitness training and cycling. Soft gel padding offers exceptional comfort, and the Schiek ® patented”fins” make junking a breath. They also feature a terry cloth thumb and indicator cutlet,non-slip grip, and cool mesh back, and are washable and guaranteed not to bleed.

Schiek Sports has been producing and dealing the most innovative high quality fitness accessories since 1991. Our lifting belts, gloves and strips are the stylish on the request. Now, Schiek is offering gloves especially designed for cycling that combine the quality you anticipate from Schiek with our innovative patented “ fins”. The “ fins” will help you in removing the gloves elminating the “ peel off” plant with other glove.
Schiek produces the top of the line gloves and the model 510 is their decoration spa glove. AsThe Schiek 510 Premium Series Gel Lifting Glove is a glove that’s constructed from the loftiest quality accoutrements which gives the stoner maximum hand protection and continuity. The Schiek gloves is made from Amara synthetic leather which is a light permeable fabric that will not stretch and is machine-washable. This glove provides the perfectnon-slip grip for weight lifting exercises of all kinds. The gel padding provides extreme comfort, energy immersion and vibration reduction. The 510 model glove provides double-stitching and fresh underpinning in critical areas and the special cornerstone thumb point provides a much better fit around the thumb area. With Schiek’s patented and innovative easy- junking fins, getting your gloves off after a drill is no longer a problem. Simply snare the rugged fin extensions on top of the fritters and pull for easy release. Schiek Premium Series Gel Lifting Gloves can be thrown in the washer to clean them up for your coming drill. Schiek gloves won’t bleed color onto your hands.

The Schiek ® 510 women’s Platinum lifting gloves showcase the easy-removable FIN system that let’s you simply snare the fin extensions on the top of the glove to fluently pull it off. Each glove is constructed with a Amara synthetic leather, a durablenon-slip padded win and thumb and thick gel padding.


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